14 Ways to Skin a Cat

Hmmm… You’ll probably be best relieved to hear that the title of this entry bears no resemblance its content. It’s just that when it’s 2.15 in the morning and insomnia has set in you think of ways to amuse yourself. It’s been an exciting week this week, what with Ireland’s hammering of England in the rugby. Sad to say I missed it. I had great plans of running across town to watch at a friend of Veronica’s house but when my alarm went off at 5.15am my talking clock didn’t really inspire me to haul myself out of bed!

The ‘hauling out of bed thing’ is becoming more and more difficult of late. Probably something to do with taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and getting thrown about the place, sat on and strangled on a twice or thrice weekly basis. Have to say it’s good craic though – and it keeps me out of the NZ bars which are even more expensive than in Ireland (which is kind of like ‘being gayer than Graham Norton!’ – it really takes something! – if you excuse the pun).

Other than that work’s going pretty well. I’ve decided I’m going through a mid-life crisis so I went out and bought a skateboard at the weekend. So now I have all these 9 and 10 year olds whizzing by me like the red arrows and I’m chugging along like an uncoordinated rhino trying to balance on a unicycle. I look a bit like one of those middle aged executives from the 80’s who used to wear a suit jacket with jeans and trainers (or ‘tackkies’ as we call them in Limerick for some reason) – except I have a skateboard. All I need is the piano tie and I can be an extra alongside Don Johnson in the next Miami Vice.

I definately think the halfpipe is going to have to wait a while… Cowabunga…


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