Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Phew! What a hectic couple of weeks down under. Having a bit of a nightmare trying to order simple things like computers and webspace and not much luck with our internet connection either. If anyone’s been trying to get to us at our divilment email, well, as you probably already know, you haven’t had much luck. A meteorite or something has hit the company who host our website trashing everything in the process leaving the website in tatters and the email too. So apologies for any disruption caused if you’ve wasted time typing away at emails that then went and bounced.

Other than that things ain’t bein going too bad. I ended up in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition at the weekend which was deadly. There were armlocks, chokes and strangles aplenty. Watchin the top belts at the club was kinda mesmirising – very Royce Gracie! I didn’t get too much of a hiding but that will probably change when the Auckland Open is on sometime soon. Eek!

Some big news in the IT world is that Oracle are suing SAP for code theft. Some big news in the cricket world is that the Pakistan coach’s untimely death has now been confirmed as murder – strangled apparently!


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