AJAX – More than just a Toilet Cleaner – Not!

Just to warn non-geeks, this is actually an article about programmin stuff so don’t get too excited about replacing Toilet Duck just yet! This is just a rant…

In short, my head is wrecked. After watching .NET mature into .NET 2.0 and now .NET 3.0, there’s been loads of nice improvements. It’s a pleasure to write code on the server with the latest C# additions, especially generics and partial classes. So with all thing clean tidy technology available on the server, it is thoroughly depressing that most (90%) of the time is spent writing code in bloody Javascript – possibly the worst language ever! Painstakingly, writing reams of rubbish which you must translate into different types of rubbish for different browsers. The best approach seems to be a James Joyce style ‘Stream of Consciousness’ technique where you deprive yourself of sleep for a week, then grab your keyboard and type blindly away for 4 hours and then see what works at the end – preferably with a large vodka in one hand and a larger vodka in the other hand. Who on earth invented this spawn of satan language – which should just be turned off on every computer. We need a revolution! Somebody please write a client side C# implementation.

Otherwise the vodka wins…


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