Raindrops from a Small Island

Haven’t written an update in a while. So what’s going in the land where toilets flush the other way round (but doesn’t have kangaroos)?

Well, not too much really… The Auckland weather’s gone decided Irish with lots of rain going on and more to come. Which has destroyed my ambitious plans to get away for the weekend. So far it’s been mostly work and no play here in NZ – although we have managed to get away to the Bay of Islands up north as well as Coromandel peninsula to the east.

Both of these are fab spots. Went out on a yacht whilst up around the Bay of Islands and it was superrr! We came across this massive pod of dolphins (felt like hundreds!) who darted right along the boat, shimmering just underneath the bow and rolling and jumping in true Flipper style! What with the scuba diving and general globe-trotting we’ve been at for the last while, there’s been a good few dolphin encounters on our trip, but nothing like this. There were even a couple of lucky buggers out on kayaks who had dolphins hopping over them like a circus trick. Mind you, one or two of the kayakers were looking decidedly nervous about proceedings. Still, I’d have gladly traded places…


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