Eek! The Dangers of Red Wine

It’s been a long long long long time since last posting. But I’ve been putting the time to good use – consuming copious amounts of vin rouge in order to keep a happy heart. But only this week I learned a dark secret about red wine. Don’t brush your teeth for an hour after drinking it! “What???” you say, “that stinks!”

Well… There’s a good reason for following this advice. Wine is acidic (white is slightly worse than red) and acid acts on contact with your nashers. It will sort of soften them as your down your favourite tibble. But a bit of drool (good ol fashioned salvia) will remineralise them about an hour after you stop drinking. Apparently this problem, dental erosion, is the curse of wine tasters the world over; so there is a drawback to having the best job going after all. Orange juice is also a bad one for softening your enamel as it’s acidic too – but for some reason there isn’t the same excitement generated by the orange juice tasting community!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s some experts findings in an academic paper. Until next time, enjoy your wine and Salute!


One Response to “Eek! The Dangers of Red Wine”

  1. Salvia Silvia Says:

    Great thoughts posted here and I appreciate your take on things. One thing I’ve experienced is what we think about is 100% what we get. We create our own reality.

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