More info on Declan??? I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you…


4 Responses to “About”

  1. maggles Says:

    yo yo yo what’s all this talk about bailey, do they not have irish nights in NZ? and dear beer? have they no dutch gold? ah what kind of country is that at all??
    sushi you’re eating sushi,next thing you’ll tell me you’re eatin garlic!! yeah i said it GARLIC!! ooh run away wimpy boy!!
    so that’s enough of me picking on u and all the changes in your life since i left you…..
    missing you heaps buddy, esp sinc ei had the big catch up with vee and u was out playing jiu-jiu,so i wasn;t privy to your end of the stick!
    i can’t believe how long ye’re gone away.i can’t believe i let ye go now! ye feckers ye really are outdoing the travel thing eh? stretching it to it’s last!! did you hear i met mairead the last time i was up in galway,she was in rare ole form chatting away about you, (she initially stopped me and said, are u mags? do you know declan mcgrath? and i had to think for a minute!! not that i’ve forgotten you (like u seem to have done me) but it was just weird hearing your surname,to me you’re just declan,like declan declan. anyway she reminded me of divilment,which id long since given up on coz of yer lack of updating, but anyway it’s lead me here ,aha i’ve found you hiding in the waves,ya little fecker ,ya don’t get away from magsy that easy..
    well hopefully i having been so mean now that you won’t reply. maria and auv always asking for u,i tell em you’re well,coz we can just assume you’ll always be!!
    alright buddy ,your turn.maybe you’re at work now!!
    it’s night time here mikey’s watchin some stoopid friendly match (united Vs some european 11 team? i ask ya) speaking of sport,since you was on about the rugby hammering i suppose you’;ll have heard we weren’t so good against the scots!! barely beating them by a point but we’re still in with a faint whisper of a shout of the 6nations title if we can beat italy by a fiar bit more than france beat scotalnd (altho our match is on 1st so it’ll be hard to know what we have to do!!!)
    can you believe it mags talking about sport!!
    in case you don’t know it’s cheltenham week this week, you’d be on paddy powers on line if you were in storm!!
    ah well enough of the memories…..

    your turn deck!!

  2. pbee Says:

    whats your email dude. and to thinks, all that time, sending beautiful prose into the ether. got to get connected

  3. Mairead Says:

    Hello Declan, where have you been hiding with the last ages? I got the emails about the demise of the divil – do you have a new email address though? or what? As Mags said, I pounced on her in Salthill the day of the Ireland v England rugby game – I wasn’t totally sure it was her, so had to be brave and ask. Thankfully it was and there isn’t some girl going around Galway thinking I am a stalker or anything…..So please email or ring sometime! Take care.

  4. Andrew Says:

    I like the sheep on the iceberg, Andrew here tracked you down at last Declan, can you get me any of that ice we need it for our drinks here

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