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New Zealand – Marine Life Website

July 2, 2007

If you’ve got a few spare years of your life to look up all the creatures swimming and crawling round New Zealand’s oceans then you should check out Treasures of the Sea. This has got a wealth of info on such topics. It’s pretty crazy how detailed it is. Some nice photos too. Nice one!


Super Shots Of New Zealand

May 6, 2007

Unfortunately, I have to admit these snaps aren’t mine. One look at them and you can tell 🙂

These are fab pictures of the Sheep Republic in glorious technicolour – Amazing NZ Photos!

IPCC Report On CO2 Cuts – We Can Do It!

May 5, 2007

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) produced it third report this year which contains some positive news for a change. One of the things to emerge was an analysis of how much it would cost to retard greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent dramatic climate change. The results suggest, if you excuse the horrible pun, that it shouldn’t cost the earth!

Global Warming Debate – Who Are the Liars?

April 21, 2007

It’s interesting of late. Everyone is a global warming expert. People who don’t know Pythagoras from Pamela Anderson are busy telling me why there isn’t a direct relationship between greenhouse gas levels and temperature. It’s taken almost thirty years for the environment to actually make it onto the political radar and no sooner has it been there for 10 minutes than the conspiracy theorists are trying to knock it off.

Polar bears like sleepin

It’s probably fair to say that joe average didn’t give a monkeys about the environment until the film “The Inconvenient Truth” came out. The green issue has become a fad – and like most fads people will want to move on so they have a new issue to discuss with Saoirse down at the bridge club. So the new thing is to rubbish the claims of global warming, pretend it doesn’t exist and crawl back under your stone and hide.

What would have happened if we had taken this attitude with the ozone layer? Instead of being able to fix the problem – which we’re well on the way to doing – we would be making it a lot worse. Way more people would be dying of the dreaded cancer and the Aussie’s would be fryin even more than they are already!

So what’s the big deal with taking action on this global warming issue? Firstly, a lot of countries have prospered economically by following a pro-market agenda with small government, low taxes and high employment. Ireland, New Zealand, the U.S. and the newer E.U. countries all look to this formula. To be seen to be support a “green” agenda appears to automatically make you anti-capitalist, a tree hugging hippy or a Commie – Reds, Reds, Under the beds!!! This logic makes about as much sense as saying that watching Graham Norton will turn you gay. Proposed global warming reduction measures actually look to tackle the problem in a market fashion – trading carbon credits on an international exchange in order to regulate the problem. That doesn’t sound quite like Lenin speaking…

And in fact hippies are the worst capitalists of all – they’ll spend a fortune on organic soaps and herbal remedies made of out donkey manure and Tibetan straw if you tell them! Level-8 vegans will pay for bottled Amazon air as they struggle to eek out an existence on soy milk and sesame seeds…

Get a haircut hippie!

At the end of the day, when you come to make your decisions on what stance to take it’s not easy. Each and every one of us isn’t a trained environmental specialist so how can we separate fact from fiction. In the end, like everything, you have to rely on who you trust – and this is an important point. Of course certain people will try and pervert this issue and create enough uncertainty in your mind so that you can’t be sure if global warming is true or not. Let’s look at who usually does this. The number one anti-global warming group is the petrochemical industry, any guesses why? When it comes to lung cancer, the tobacco companies lied to you for most of this century so that you’d line their coffers before they lined your coffin. When it comes to heart disease the salt and fast food industries will lobby against report after report that comes out so that you will buy their pies and chippies. Not an important issue to most people, but certainly a big one of mine, in the software industry a few big companies spend millions upon millions each year in order to try sneak software patents into Europe – so that they will be granted a 20 year monopoly on almost everything imaginable – every window, button, menu, font, trashcan, disk file and interface they produce so that they can stop other businesses trying to produce a similar product from competing. Bear in mind, I don’t mean how the icons look (this is already protected by copyright) but the right of a competitor to simply have a trashcan or menu on their desktop. Getting back to the point, every company has an agenda – it’s simple, to protect their business model.

Nuns like smoking tooNuns give smoking the thumbs up!

So if you think that the petrochemical industry is right and 90% of the world’s scientists are wrong that’s up to you. Bear in mind that this figure is from a broad community of scientists not just pro-global warming theory scientists. Who’s got the bigger motivation to lie to you – them or the people who lied to these nuns? If you truly believe that global warming is a conspiracy theory then drop me a line, I might call around to your house and try to sell you some of these tasty Malboro Lights.

In particular, Channel 4 appear to have wheeled out some crackpot scientists to throw mud at the global warming theory. Well my fingers are getting tired now so I’ll let this link answer that one. Additionally, in case you didn’t know who we’re fighting for when we try to cut CO2 then look no further. And finally, if, like me, you just like polar bears click here.

Bumblebee in Mobile Phone Horror

April 16, 2007

To date mobile phones have been blamed for brain tumours, low sperm counts and making kids even more annoying on bus trips, but here is the latest to add to the list – serial bee killer…

Bee colonies around the world have been mysteriously disappearing over the last couple of years and apparently sticking a mobile phone phone in front of a hive is like sticking a AIDS patient in front of John Howard – they’ll both run the other away screaming hysterically…

No bees means no pollenation… and that’s not good. I like apples.