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Eek! The Dangers of Red Wine

June 5, 2008

It’s been a long long long long time since last posting. But I’ve been putting the time to good use – consuming copious amounts of vin rouge in order to keep a happy heart. But only this week I learned a dark secret about red wine. Don’t brush your teeth for an hour after drinking it! “What???” you say, “that stinks!”

Well… There’s a good reason for following this advice. Wine is acidic (white is slightly worse than red) and acid acts on contact with your nashers. It will sort of soften them as your down your favourite tibble. But a bit of drool (good ol fashioned salvia) will remineralise them about an hour after you stop drinking. Apparently this problem, dental erosion, is the curse of wine tasters the world over; so there is a drawback to having the best job going after all. Orange juice is also a bad one for softening your enamel as it’s acidic too – but for some reason there isn’t the same excitement generated by the orange juice tasting community!

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s some experts findings in an academic paper. Until next time, enjoy your wine and Salute!


Natural Born Liars

July 15, 2007

Here’s an interesting article posted on the UK Telegraph exposing the truth about children and infants – they’re all a bunch of filthy liars! Fake laughing, fake crying and bluffing that would put a Texas Holdem poker shark to shame. Little b#$t@%d$!

How to Greet a Rapper

July 1, 2007

This may come in handy whilst walking the streets of Donohill. Best go out an get yourself some baggy pants and a baseball cap. Can’t touch this!

Microsoft Not So Sure on Taking on World…

May 15, 2007

Under pressure arising from comments made by Microsoft’s Horacio Gutierrez and Brad Smith in an Fortune magazine article earlier this week saying that Open Source software contains 235 Micrsoft patents, the company has released a statement that it does not intend to resort to litigation in an effort to halt the growth of Open Source software. So why would they highlight an issue and then when asked to state specifically which are the patents in question they respond, “We’re not going to have a discussion publicly with that level of detail.”

The answer is simple. If they publish them it is likely that most of them will be thrown out by the U.S. courts as invalid. This became much easier recently, when the U.S. Supreme court made it easier to legally challenge individual patents and get them invalidated. This is because most software patents have been granted without due consideration and aren’t actually valid for many reasons. Patents have been grantly for things that are patently unpatenable.

Once this weeds out the likely majority of patents – Open Source developers will endevour to work around what patents, if any, remain.

So, back to the question, why would Microsoft highlight a meaningless question? Well, to bring up the issue in this manner creates a degree of uncertainty in the minds of certain business owners – however misplaced. Such people must weigh up risk every day and anything that they perceive adding risk to their business they will avoid. This will take two forms, one is to avoid Open Source software and stick with closed solutions. But this is becoming increasingly difficult as it is making more and more business sense to deploy Open Source solutions every day. The other is pay royalties to Microsoft for these (vaguely) alledged infringing patents. This is a sad situation because paying ‘money for nothing’ is money that you could otherwise use to grow your business.

Use the Force to Fix Evil Vista’s Bootloader

April 20, 2007

Hmmm… Those lovely folks at Microsoft are at it again. This time trying to break my lovely Linux system by killing my bootloader – the clever bit of software which lets you choose whether to boot into Linux or Windows. Cheers guys! You’re real sweet!

I bought my machine with Vista pre-installed with about 50 gig spare for Linux. I installed OpenSuse 10.2 into this space, which uses a little program called GRUB to switch between the Windows Vista and OpenSuse Linux when you start up the computer. Somehow Vista managed to overwrite this – I don’t know how, as I installed Linux second, but anyway in order to fix you need to do the following

1.) Get yourself a LIVE Linux CD (ie. a linux system that boots of a CD with requiring it be installed on your harddrive). I used the OpenSuse 10.2 Live CD
2.) Boot from this disk and then folllow the brief instructions at the following link. Even though it outlines the process for Ubuntu (a different Linux distribution), it works just as well for OpenSuse 10.2

Happy hacking!